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Sometime, the financial crisis due to unemployment triggers victim people to commit suicide. In order to clear the backlog of unemployment and also to provide jobs to additional labor force joining the mainstream workers, this expansion in the volume of works needs to be done rapidly and that too in the areas of both wage employment and self-employment.

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Except for mentioning a few schemes and projects in the various plans, no specific policy was laid down to remove unemployment. Effects and Results of unemployment: In respect of disguised unemployment various estimates have been made to determine the extent of surplus labour in India by Shakuntala Mehera, J.

Due to mental stress people came in to position of depression. Duringanda sum of Rs In the absence of vocational education and professional guidance, these huge number of educated youths cannot avail the scope of self-employment leading to growing frustration and discontent among the educated youths.

Unemployment is the situation when people are unable to find a suitable job or any kind of other occupation for earning the monthly income needed for the survival of their family. It means all the handiworks, handicrafts, cottage industry, craft and other small-scale industries.

Efforts are underway to raise additional resources for the programme with financial assistance from the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

As on 1st April,total number of unemployed persons in India was 7. The National Rural Employment Programme envisaged generation of employment opportunities of the order of million mandays every year.

EAS was introduced in rural areas in 1, blocks of districts from 2nd Oct. India is the underdeveloped country and trying to overcome various social issues existed here since many years, unemployment is one of them and is still becoming the reason for non development of nation. The projected decline in the dependency ratio ratio of dependent to working age population from 0.

Additionally, there are factors which extend beyond the control of the individual or an individual employer. The scheme EAS was implemented in the 3, backward blocks with an aim to provide days of unskilled manual work to all those who were eligible in the age group of years.

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Positive Aspects of the Policy: The employment in the modern sector in India grew only by 1,6 per cent per annum in s, Underemployment in the rural areas also remained high. More new resource based and demand based industries should be set up for generating employment opportunities.

In this regard, immediate attempts must be made for expansion and modernisation of existing industries in cost-effective manner and also for setting up of new industries. Development of rural areas is required to prevent the migration of people from those places so that they can get the opportunity of job without moving from there.

NSSO Survey reported an increase in work opportunities to the tune to 18 million between 05 and Till60 lakh youth were given employment. However, the growth of labour force in per cent per annum increased from 2. No effort has been made to develop our educational system in keeping pace with the manpower requirements of the economy.

This major problem needs full attention of government along with citizens of country in equal manner so that we can prevent or end this issue completely from our country.

It means a situation characterised by the existence of able-bodied persons who are willing to work but is not able to get a meaningful or gainful job which ultimately results into huge wastage of manpower resources.

Urban male participation rates both labour force and workforce were higher than rural male participation in and It discourages qualified people to find the job. It refers to the break down in the social structure. Thus the employment policy followed in India constitutes many sub-policies to tackle various forms of unemployment including under employment.

Along with unemployment, there are other major problems faced by India, such as CorruptionPovertyBlack moneyhuge populationIlliteracy and many other. Thus, while chronic open unemployment rate in India hovers around a low 2 per cent, it is significant in absolute terms.

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Essay step by step guide template the plan of an essay bicycle. Difference report essay cleanliness campaign spm. Unemployment in India Unemployment in India is a serious social issue. Unemployment records in India are kept by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of India.

Statistics: From tillUnemployment rates in India averaged 9 percent reaching an all time high of percent in December and a record low of Percent in December ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this article to learn about the causes, consequences and remedies of unemployment in India.

Essay # Causes of Unemployment: Causes of unemployment are so many and varied. It can be social, economic and personal causes. 1. Personal causes: ADVERTISEMENTS: It may be due to lack of experience, vocational unfitness and illness and disability.

Unemployment essay-Exploring unemployment in India. What is unemployment? Unemployment, in a layman language, means that a person, who is willing to work, is not able to find it. The reasons for this could be many.

For the condition meeting ‘employment,’ there should be a match between the requirements of the worker and the employer. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of modern India. This essay on unemployment discusses the causes of unemployment and its solutions.

Unemployment records in India are kept by the Ministry of Labour and Employment of India.

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Statistics: From tillUnemployment rates in India averaged 9 percent reaching an all time high of percent in December and a record low of Percent in December

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